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Our goal here is to house the world largest database of Christian organizations; helping ministries, artist's and businesses find their audience and helping audiences find their preferences is paramount for us.  We know how important it is for you to speak for yourself and standout from the group, so to that end, we have created a directory platform that will give you the power you need to create stunning listings that are uniquely you.  You will have full access to your listing via a username and password.  You'll be able to update your page as often as you want; updating pictures, videos, social networkings, address, telephone number and much, much more!  You can even blog! 




INCLUDES: contact information, photo album, blog, YouTube intergration, social netork plugins, links to digital retailers, Google map, reviews, publishing classified ads, event publisher, coupon publisher, product sales and 24/7 back office access so you can keep your listing fresh and updated!

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