The Bible says that David played his instrument to drive evil spirits out of king Saul. There is no music under the heavens ordained to bring about the plan of God other than gospel music.  As we look at gospel music today, we can see that some of the evil upon king Saul has infiltrated the gospel music industry. Remember how the prophet Elijah needed a musician to set the atmosphere to get an accurate word from God to deliver to kings that were awaiting?  This is the power of "anointed music" and its ministry.

There is no other genre of music ordained by God to usher His people into His holy presence or to usurp the power of the enemy.  Because of this unique endowment, the gospel industry must not allow the power of darkness to prevent the objective and purpose of its existence any longer.  If we use the Scripture as a guide, that means the clear oracles of God are suffering and the powers that govern the earth are susceptible to demonic influences because the gospel music industry has abandoned their post for fame and fortune.

The Spirit of God naturally resides in and flows through the ministry of music, but we see it lacking today. In order to regain the power, authority and anointing of this God ordained music, we are seeking intercessors to help purify and guard this important gift.  It is our position that this partnership will aid both the church and our land.  When individuals who are anointed to pray, purpose to partner with those anointed to minister music, the results once again become life changing.

Will you join in with us as we commit to pray for the gospel music industry once a month via teleconference?  Additionally, in your personal prayer time, will you continue to pray as the Spirit would lead?  There is power in prayer and power in agreement!  Agree with us to drive the pipes of Satan out of the gospel music industry.


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Father, we come to you in Jesus name, asking that you cause your grace to abound toward all of your vessels of music, be they psalmist or instrumentalist.  It is our prayer today that you will sanctify them by your Word and with your Spirit.  We pray that the eyes of their understanding will be enlighten in order that they will have a true appreciation for the gift and power you have given them to minister the bread of life through music.  We also pray that they will have a greater conviction to keep their vessels clean and pure before you as they deposit into the spirits and hearts of mankind.  We ask this again in Jesus name.  Amen.

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