Creating expansion opportunities for ministries and Christian businesses through strategic media partnerships and exploitations.

Strategic partnerships are a prerequisite in this 21st century.  Secular corporations have had this knowledge for some time now and are being rewarded with each quarterly report.  This consolidation has been to the demise of many smaller companies and has just about eliminated the mom and pop model.  Our goal at The Gospel Grid Media Group is to revive the entrepreneur spirit and promote the biblical principles of unification and self-containment; giving heaven a special place to flow blessings to and through so that the people may have all things common in accordance with Acts 2.  


Furthermore, we are purposefully making our products and services affordable to adhere to the Abrahamic Covenant in being a blessing (source) to others and not using our power and position for greed.  We are providing quality products and services at a nominal fee in order to provide a platform for ALL Christian businesses and ministries that they would be able to promote their various mandates and visions, thusly being able to complete their earthly assignments.

Current and future broadcasting and advertising mediums for you!



We are looking for the next voices of God for the Body of Christ. A fresh word, fresh wind, and fresh anointing are in the future for the Church and many of you have been ordained to refresh the hearts of God's people. Our model is a simple one, we advertise our platforms and all of its components -- that would be you!  We are here to help ministries seeking to broadcast and those wishing to expand their broadcasting ministries. We have partnered with multiple platforms to provide this exposure for you for a nominal fee. We are keeping our overhead low so you can take full advantage of these platforms to provide you with ministry expansion. 


The current Jumpstart Program monthly rate is $99 (this would include 5-week broadcasts).  This almost 50% discount rate will stay in effect as long as you consecutively broadcast with us.  Should you stop, for whatever reason, your fee will automatically default to the current rates at that time should you wish to continue or reactivate your account with us.  (Also, once all broadcast slots have been filled for your region, the Jumpstart Program campaign offer will be discontinued.)  We are using a weekly broadcasting model in lieu of the daily broadcast model to give more ministries opportunity and to keep your budgets manageable.  You will broadcast on the same day and time each week instead of each day. 


Current broadcast platforms:

1. The Gospel Grid Promo Channel

2. The Gospel Grid eRadio

3. The Gospel Grid Directory

4. The Gospel Gird Broadcast Directory

5. The Gospel Grid eMagazine 



We know how important getting the word out about your business or upcoming event can be and how expensive it is.  For independent ministries and small businesses, getting the word out is paramount for sustaining the budget and moving forward.   Endeavoring to help you expand your territory, we are working to keep our overhead down so we can pass those savings on to you.  We are not a local market station, but a national company seeking to help you penetrate and expand regionally.  Our part is being an additional layer of event advertising for you while simultaneously marketing your company.  You will find our rates very affordable with additional perks.


Because we respect the music and church ministries of those God has given to provide instruction and inspiration, we offer a limited number of commercials daily.  And, because our rates are so affordable, we want everyone to get an opportunity to announce their events.  So, we will spread your commercials throughout all of our exciting platforms.


Remember, we are the only Internet-based radio station advertising on television in major markets and nationally.  Any attention we garner could also benefit your organization.  Our business is your success!


Commercials are sold in increments of 30 commercials per $50.  Reflect each additional 30 commercials in the Quantity Field found in the Advertisers Payment Center to your right. 



30   Commercials = 1 Quantity = $50

60   Commercials = 2 Quantity = $100

120 Commercials = 4 Quantity = $200


All commercials are 1 minute.



All commercials are received in MP3 files only.  Please add 3 seconds of silence to the beginning and 5 seconds of silence to the end of your commercial.


We use all of our media outlets - along with media partnerships - to advertise your events as well as our service so individuals will use us as a resource in planning their weekends, conference times, revivals and concerts.  While we do appreciate social media outlets, you must depend on the information scrolling across their news feeds.  We advertise our service on social networking sites as well as radio and TV.  Our mission is helping you expand your current audience and to keep it growing.


Your image will remain on our platforms for one month, containing links to your website or social networking page at no additional cost to you.  To get started, complete the form field to your right.  


You images should be jpeg or png.